Sunday, 20 March 2011


Well last night has been and gone, and I'm going over and over what I had planned to say about Morph but didn't verbalise!!! So for those of you who were there and thought what on earth is she talking about, and for those of you who weren't there but are intersted in knowing, here's what I'd planned to say about Morph!!!!!!

Morph has been developed by Gateway Church in Austin Texas. It is a new approach to bible study and is presented in 4 modules. I've joined together with four friends and we're working on the first module, Love God, which is an 8 week course. Now, we started it in October and are only on week 6!!! So you see we aren't legalistic about it.

My definition of Morph is that it is an exploration of who you are, and where you are with God.

We meet on a weekly basis and share openly and honestly with one another, encouraging and supporting one another. That for me has been a huge help over the last few months. Just knowing there are people around me who truly know what I'm feeling and going through. A network of people who I can contact when I'm having a bad day and get them to pray for me, or just someone to give me a hug on a Sunday when I feel lonely even though there are hundreds of people milling around.

Morph covers bible study, soul searching, reading and preparation before each meeting. It encourages regular conversations with God, reading the bible and memorizing passages. Now again we're not legalistic about this because we've all admitted that we're not great at remembering stuff, however just delving into God's word on a regualr basis has helped us uncover stuff about ourselves and what God wants for us.

We usually share a meal together, some weeks we just end up crying and praying for one another but every week we enjoy a laugh and come away encouraged and uplifted.
When we started Morph back in October we laid down two rules:
1. What we said during Morph stayed in Morph
2. We wouldn't try and fix one another, just be there for one another and support one another.

This has helped our discussion times loads and I for one have developed some great relationships with my fellow 'morphettes', all of whom I knew before but maybe not quite so well as now.

Before I started Morph I was in a sad place. I felt my world had fallen apart and I was struggling emotionally for many reasons. I had begun to cut myself off from people and retreat into my own little POM POM party (Poor Old Me). I spent long periods of time thinking and praying on my own and inevitably spiralling down into the depths of despair.
Throughout this season though God started dealing with my character and even though I felt I'd messed up I knew He still cared for me, He was still there for me. He is gradually drawing me back to Him and I'm putting Him back in the centre of my life where He should be.

Morph has helped me personally feel God closer to me on a daily basis. I feel He's been teaching me about my heart

  • About guarding my heart

  • About having a clean heart

  • About God being at the centre of my heart and no one, or anything else

  • About being real with God and honest with myself!

  • About the word of God judging the thoughts and attitudes of my heart, and helping me to mould my heart into What God wants me to be, and do.

Most of these aspects have been confirmed to me via other sources. I've been blessed by having other good friends supporting me, encouraging me and praying for me.
I've just finished Walking with God by John Eldredge, which helped me untangle a lot of emotions, and confirmed a lot of what we were dealing with in Morph.

So if you're tempted to withdraw and have a POM POM party, why not reach out instead. Give morph a go or just get together with some other friends and work through a book or follow a bible study. I know meeting together regularly has helped me to grow and look outside my own circumstances. Check out Morph online and see if it's for you. You might surprise yourself.

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